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    Time Based ACL NSM.

    Air cop

      How to implement an ACL to allow traffic to and from a local IP to pass through NIPS without any scanning from 0900 to 1100 hrs?


      But for rest of the time traffic to and from that local IP must be scanned as normal IP.

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          Not seen any time based ACL on my NSM

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            This is a feature of 7.0.  The ACL capabilities were expanded into "firewall rules" and "firewall policies".  Every firewall rule has a source, destination, application, effective time, direction and response (block, allow, inspect, drop - and whether to send the data to syslog).


            The firewall rules are under Configure -> IPS Settings -> Policies -> Firewall Policies.

            You also have to define a firewall policy on the interface before it will take effect.

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