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    Help to Un-encrypt an external ESata Drive


      I work for rather a large company who use Endpoint Encryption. About 6 months back my laptop suffered a pretty nasty disk issue, this resulted in the internal lappy drive to be corrupt and therfore I had to have the thing rebuilt. No problem I thougt as I kept all my real important data on the internal drive and a copy on the External one. Unfortunatly after this was when I discovered that the external drive has been encrypted (as well as the internal one) and the disk just comes up as bad. I know it's not and that it's the encryption that is the issue.

      Now, I've asked the helpdesk where I work several times if there is anyway to un-encrypt my old external drive and they keep trying to tell me it is not possible to do this. They also tell me it is not possible to turn off encryption of the external drive. As I don't believe that this would be the case for either I have been left with asking here for advice.

      So, Please please help me.

      I have an external 500 G drive that has been encrypted with EE 5.n. I want my data back. Now I'm guessing that I will have to go through my help desk still as they will need to obtain what I think is the 'Code of the Day', otherwise thats not much of an encryption protection ! But, if I can make it as simple as possible for them and I can do the rest that would be great. What do I need to download.  ? Will it un-encrypt the drive or will it let the drive be read ?

      Any steps and ways forward here will be very gratefully recieved.