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    scan64 and bi-weekly scans leads to slow performance


      We do a bi-weekly scan on users desktops, usually between 14-21 days. We are using McAfee 8.8 and no patches. Although the task manager shows low utilization 2-10%, we still see very very slow performance on the machine until scanning is done. I mean you type something in and it takes upto 10sec for it to show. It takes forever for pages to come up. It took me 20min to get this page to finally alow me to type. We are running win7 64bit with 4gig ram. Granted we could use more ram but on normal working days when not scanning it runs fairly fast..


      I was under the impression that 8.8 was fixed so the scan was not to slow the machine down? Maybe we missed a setting in ePO and if so does anybody know what that could be?

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