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    McAfee Youtube category block ruleset issue




      I am trying youtube category block from online ruleset library on mwg 7.2 build 13253. Youtube block category is blank in block page. When will this details appear on the block page. Are there and additionjal settings required? Please suggest!



      Block page details:


      Your request has been blocked by McAfee Web Gateway. The requested resource is not available due to category restrictions configured by your administrator.
      URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVDLmWrus-A&feature=g-comedy
      URL Categories:
      Media Type:


      Application: YouTube
      Application Reputation: High Risk


      Detected Category:
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          The block page probably need to be editted to reset the proper user-defined setting. User-defined variables in a block page are not portable across systems and must be manually re-entered.

          Edit the page and  look for any red entries. Replace them with the proper User-defined. values.


          <b>Detected Category: </b>$18026$<br />


          Change that back to:

          <b>Detected Category: </b>$User-defined.User-Defined.YoutubeCategory$<br />

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            the error template is a little annoying. Please remove the "$18026$ (or whatever number is shown in your error template in red). After you did that, click Add->Property. Pick "Antimalware.Infected" and hit OK. Now you should  see $Antimalware.Infected$ as the property added to the template. This is not what we want, so please lick the $Antimalware.Infected$ property. A popup will show up with a drop-down list of all available properties. Choose "User-defined.YoutubeCategory" and click OK.


            Now you should have the correct property added. Save your changes and retry.




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              Thanks eelsasser & Andre! its working now!



              I was initially trying to add userdefined youtube category directly but it was not appearing on the html page. When i used Antimalware.infected property first then it worked as expected! veery helpful answer Andre!