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    Firewall rebooted due to failure


      I got back from lunch and found out we had lost all internet connectivity.      I started to ping our firewalls and could ping the primary 254.2 but not the secondary, 254.3.     I suspected we may have had a false failover occur and it locked it up.   I rebooted the secondary 254.3 and see all the traffic is now running through it and we have internet access.   


      However, I can ping the primary FW 254.2 but cannot access it through the enterprise firewall admin console.   Get an error message saying the firewall is not available due to an intentional system shutdown or failed connection attempt.   


      I am thinking I will need to reboot the primary later tonight after staff has left for the day.    Does this make sense.


      THanks.   John

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          I had similar situation. We failed over to our secondary because the first one became unresponsive. It wouldn't ping, it wouldnt come up in the admin console, I couldnt SSH to it. Before I rebooted I hooked a monitor up to it. The monitor showed a core dump which I took a picture of. I sent that picture to McAfee and they recommended that I upgrade to the lastest software build (a patch I had to install). They said it was a known issue, and that the latest software should prevent it from happening again. Pulling the power from the firewall and rebooting solved the issue temporarily. So if you run into a situation where you aren't sure what happened to the firewall I recommend hooking a monitor up to it and seeing if there is any errors output to the screen.