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    DB problem - more than 4096 mb

      Hello ,

      I have two problem with ePO db:

      - it was on a disk that was running out of space

      - it has grown at about 4100 mb on a sql 2005 express edition


      I detached the db in order to move it on another disk and then make a


      delete from EPOEvents where DetectedUTC < 'YYYY-MM-DD'


      I moved the db on the other disk but when I try to attach it back, sql says me that is larger than 4096 mb and cannot be attached on an express edition. how can I solve this?


      Thank you





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          Sailendra Pamidi



          You have not mentioned the version of ePO you are using - if its ePO 4.6, then you could install SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition which has a much higher database size limit of 8GB.

          If you are on ePO 4.5 the minimum patch level for SQL 2008 R2 would be ePO 4.5 Patch 4.


          KB51569 lists the supported SQL versions.