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    add already installed VSE8.8 to epo


      i've new to ePO.

      i have a network of 15/20 windows clients which already have VSE8.8 installed and working.

      before i go ahead and buy ePO, i was wondering is it possible to add these already installed VirusScan Enterperise 8.8 to ePO? (if im correct, VSE8.8 does have McAfee Agent installed by default, right?)

      if its possible, could someone please tell me how? (i have the trial version of ePO running and before doing anything, it forces me to create a profile or something and donwload a product and push it!)

      if there is any menu or something in ePO that can scan the network or i provide the clients' IPs to it or something.


      thanks in advance

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          Sailendra Pamidi

          ePO is not licensed separately to my knowledge. If you brought licenses for VirusScan Enterprise then ePO comes free with it. You should be able to download this using your Grant number from the downloads page. http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx


          To answer your question, when you install VirusScan manually, it does install Frameworkservice but does not report to ePO (unmanaged). You can make existing unmanaged clients managed by either pushing the Agent from ePO or alternatively copying the sitelist.xml, srpubkey.bin, reqseckey.bin files from the ePO master repository (DB\Software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409 folder) and updating the sitelist of each system manually like so:


          frminst.exe /INSTALL=AGENT /Siteinfo=C:\Sitelist.xml


          Ensure that srpubkey.bin and reqseckey.bin files are present in the same folder as sitelist.xml (in this e.g. C:\) on the client machine before trying to update the sitelist.xml file. This should allow the client to report back to ePO.


          Also, you should be able to convert the trial ePO license to full version by entering the actual license key on the ePO login screen. Your license key should be visible as soon as you login with your Grant number on the downloads page.


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            thank you for your responce. it was helpfull.

            one quick question, is there anyway in ePO to kinda auto discover the clients on the network and register 'em in ePO?

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              Sailendra Pamidi

              Yes, please lookup Rogue System Detection in the Product Guide. You will need to deploy at least one Agent in each subnet and then deploy the RSD Sensors on those machines. Once the Sensors are installed, they will sniff the network traffic and report back to ePO. You can configure Automatic Response to push agents to those detected systems (Rogues) and make them managed.