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    EPO 4.6.2 corrupt download?

      Downloading  ePO462L from the My Products link.


      Have downloaded it using Firefox and Internet Explorer.


      The download is fine, the zip files unzips.  But whenever i try to install it i get an error


      Error 1335: The fil ePOMain.cab is corrupt


      Install then fails.


      Trying to open the ePOMain.cab in winzip, winrar or 7-zip gives a corrupt archive message.


      I have reported this to McAfee and they gave me another download site (the FTP site) but I get the same error.


      Can anyone confirm they have downloaded the 342092KB file from the website succesfully and used it to install.



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          Just as a thought, make sure you are not hitting an old cached copy somewhere on your side.

          The file as far as I know is just fine on the McAfee site..


          Failing that open the issue up with McAfee support and ask them to review the install logs at the time, perhaps that will shed some light on the problem.