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    Clearing tags

      Question for the community -- I have tags I have creatted based on a query, for example, workstations that don't have VSE 8.8 on them.


      I then run tag criteria via a server task with the query, and have a sub action to apply tag: No VSE 8.8


      It seems when I run this query daily it is only tagging new systems that don't have VSE 8.8 and won't un-tag systems that have subsequently had VSE 8.8 installed.  When I think about it, I guess that makes sense.


      How do I put a part in the task sequence to clear all No VSE 8.8 tags as part of this sequence so the information is updated fresh every day?



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          You will have to create a completely separate task to clear the tags and ensure it runs first at say 3am. You won't be able to chain the clear task in with the apply task.

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            Thanks for the info.  Perhaps there's a better way to do this, but for now what I did was set the tag criteria (as there are currently no criteria for this tag) to "Default Language: Afrikaans" (first choice).


            Since that shouldn't be any machines in our environment, I run the tag criteria on that first and it clears all the applied tags.  Then I run the query to apply the tag I want. 

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              fiveo, Here is the setup I use.


              Create a Server task with the following actions. I have this scheduled for 8am every morning.


              1. Action: Run Query

                  Query: All Systems (Standard ePO query for all systems)

                  Sub-Actions: Clear Tag

                  Tag: Scan Complete


              2. Actions: Run Query

                  Query: Event 1203 (Chart table, filter Event ID=1203 and Event Generated Time is within the last 1 Day)

                  Sub-Actions: Apply Tag

                  Tag: Scan Complete