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    Mcafee deleted my files

      On Saturday 6/2/12 I had a chat session with one of Mcafee support people because Mcafee on one of my computers would not activate, and kept giving me warnings.  I made the mistake of letting him take control of my computer.  There is now a new folder, Mcafee Vaults in My Documents folder.  This would not bother me so much except that EVERY THING else has been deleted.  There are 1300 files missing.  I have not gone on the Internet with that computer for a long time, and only did then for Mcafee.  All the files were there when he started and are gone now.  Any suggestions about how I can possibly get back the files Mcafee stole from me?

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          Peter M

          I suspect they are now in that vault.  Best contact support again and if possible quote the ticket number from that previous session.  If necessary ask them to escalate the matter.


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