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    Boot disk required for external drive?

      I had a laptop running Windows 7, with Endpoint Encryption installed (don't know the particuar version or how it was managed, but can find out if it makes a difference.) The hard drive crashed (could get through the Endpoint Encryption login, but then BSOD when loading Windows), and my IT deparatment shipped me a new drive. I do not and will not have Endpoint Encryption on this new drive.


      I have a SATA-to-USB adapter to try mounting the old disk externally to recover a few files. What will I need to get through the encryption? I read through https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD22214 but that seems oriented towards a machine with encryption on the boot drive. I do know the encryption username and password.

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          Your IT Team need to send you the right version of WinTech/EETech for your old activation - then you can boot off that CD and copy your files off your old drive.


          It is possible to install xTech onto a raw OS, with the right drivers etc, but that's not something you should really be doing without the full support of your IT department.