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      Do you have a plan to make McAfee less bulky / demanding on resources.


      On my task manager, I can count over ten (10) mcafee processes using up over 150,000K of  memory.!

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          I doubt it. McAfee's not a lightweight program - although I count only 7 processes and 87Mb in memory plus a lot more in VM.

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            Please confirm whether this are all mcafee (maybe I am mistaken) and are there any which are not really need

            1. fcag.exe
            2. fcags.exe
            3. fcagswd.exe
            4. fcagte.exe
            5. FireSvc.exe
            6. FrameworkService.exe
            7. McSAcore.exe
            8. mcshield.exe
            9. McTray.exe
            10. mfeann.exe
            11. mfefire.exe
            12. mfevtps.exe
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              I think some of those processes belong to an Enterprise product..  Which product(s) are you using so I can move this accordingly?

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                It says McAfee VirusScan + AntiSpyware enterprise ver. 8.8.

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                  I thought so.  Moved to Business > VirusScan Enterprise for better attention.

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                    For the VSE processes:




                    You have more McAfee software installed though - the fcag* files belong to McAfee DLP product and the mfefire* (along with other files) belong to the McAfee HIPS product . Finally, the McSAcore* files belong to the McAfee SiteAdvisor product.


                    So you do have several pieces of McAfee software installed.

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                      Ok. Ya. That is probably true. Confirm whether these are separate products or are they components of the same? Do I need all of them? (Sorry I am not a techie and I didnt install them myself - they are on an office Laptop which I am now using away from office on a project)

                      1. McAfee Agent
                      2. DLP Agent
                      3. Host Intrusion Prevention
                      4. VirusScan Enterprise
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                        They are all seperate McAfee poducts, but are part of the suite.


                        So technically an Administrator can install one, or can install all depending on their requirements and corporate environment.


                        The issue is that your company AV Admin has chosen to install these products (presumably for a reason) and McAfee make uninstall very difficult and/or impossible for an average user.


                        Ony your AV admin knows why the products are installed and whether he/she is able to uninstall them without affecting the protection of your machine. There may also be legislative requirements for some of those pieces of software.  It also might be a sackable offence to "tamper" with security software on your laptop


                        So all people here really can do is to point you back to your Admin.

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                          Paragraph one and two are good answers to my first question 'whether these are separate products or  they are components of the same'


                          You have however not answered the second question - 'Do I need all of them?'.


                          I was hoping for a more direct answer probably indicating briefly what purpose they serve if any in the protection of my machine. Could there be an element of overkill here or maybe even overzealous salesmanship?

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