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    Agent Issue


      Hi All,


      I've got an issue where some agents are not communicating correctly with ePO.  They seem to get the policies from ePO but not the latest DAT versions.  This does not happen on all machines, so i was ruling it out being a policy issue.  I'm also unable to deploy new agents to the machines as this seems to directly fail for no apparant reason.  This happens everytime I try to push an agent out to one of the affected machines.


      I've attached the agent logs below so was hoping someone could spot something that I'm missing.


      If it helps, on one of the machines I spotted an error which said "UNABLE TO FIND PRODUCT INFORMATION" ...  however I've not been able to find it since.



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          From the log, I see that machine is running the latest DAT.


          2012-06-01 09:53:51 I #3768 Uec Done processing event  information

          2012-06-01 09:53:51 I #3768 Uec Received ipc data from mue

          2012-06-01 09:53:51 I #3768 Uec Processing progress information

          2012-06-01 09:53:51 i #3768 Updater Update succeeded to version 6728.0000.