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    McAfee Email Gateway 7.0.1 Manual Encryption Trigger

      I am using the McAfee email gateway 7.0.1 and want to know how a user can manually encrypt a message.  My appliance sits in front of an MS Exchange server and is configured as a transparent bridge.  I understand how the appliance can encrypt email based on the polices I configure but what I don't understand is how to manually encrypt a message.  For example in some encryption systems a user can put a key phrase like #secure# in the subject of their email which tells the encryption device to send using encryption.  Is this possible with the McAfee email gateway 7.0.1?  My thought process is that my users could open their Outlook email and put #secure# in the subject and then the email gateway appliance would see this and automatically encrypt using the secure web client (push or pull).  In some of the tutorial I have seen this seemed to be possible in McAfee email gateway 6.7.2 but I might be wrong.

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          After some digging I figured out how to do this.  In McAfee email gateway 7.0.1 you have to go to Email settings and then to DLP and Compliance.  Then go to Compliance and Dictionaries and Add a new Dictionary.  For details add the string you wanr to use like #secure# and specify the dictionary to look in the subject line. 


          After you create the dictonary you go Email policies and create an Outbound policy and in the Compliance section under rules reference the dictionary you created.  I have tested this many times and it work. In an Outlook email you can put the #secure# in the subject and the Email gateway will scan this and instead of sending the email though it will invoke the secure web client.  Works good.


          McAfee should put this in their documentation, I found no references to this anywhere and even the McAfee support didn't know about it.  Just trial and error discovered it.