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    Force Sync issues (EEM) V 5,2,8,9



      We are currently running encryption through encryption manager v5,2,8,9 which is not intergrated into EPo.


      Suddenly we are experiecning issues in the sence that we can no longer force update the majority of laptops i would say 80-90% fail, all laptops are the same all firewalls on the laptops are off by design so as mentioned in other disscusions this cannot be the issue.


      Does anyone have any suggestions? ( apart from its hyour firewall) becaise no changes have been made and that would not explain why only 80-90% of the laptops are effected if this was the case all laptops would be affected.


      The version of EEM we are running has no more updates (apparently) as this is the latest version before EPo intigration.


      Please HELP!! :-)


      Many thanks