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    System is not booting after shredder option selection


          I am using MacAfee Anit Virus Plus 2012. I am not sure about the shredder feature in this. Unfortunately I selected the Shredder feature, after selection of shredder feature it took some time to process then It asked me for restart my laptop. I opted Ok. After that  my laptop is not getting ON, I tried to power on/OFF my laptop but even it is not starting/booting. What was the wrong with selecting the Shredder option?


                  Kindly some can help me to bring back to my laptop to work properly? what exactly shredder feature will do in MacAfee Antivirus Plus 2012?

      Please respond to me.. plz.. thanks in advance

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          You don't need to post in more than one place.  I've removed the duplicate posts.


          Shredding doesn't just remove files, it overwrites the area of disk where the files are. It does that a number of times. The more times it overwrites, the more difficult it is to recover whatever was there.


          So, the question is, what did you delete that's preventing your system from starting?

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            Hi Hayton,

                      Thanks for your reply.I am very much thankful to you.


                     Actually, recently I purchaged the McAfee Anti virus Plus, I am very new to this one. So, As show in below screen shot, I have chosen shredder from Data Protection section. after that it asked me for the level or something else, I selected from the drop down as "basic" as an option and clicke on OK. after completion of the process it asked me for restart so I clikced on "Restart" button in order to restart the system. But that time onwards my laptop is not booting.

                      I really dont know what happend with the shredder option. Again I did power On/OFF but the problem still there.


            Can you please tell me what might be went wrong?  What files exactly it might delete permanently?   Please help me.


            I will be waiting for your reply.. plz suggest me a way...

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              There are three options of what to delete -

              Shredder options.JPG

              You selected Basic and clicked on 'Shred' - there isn't an 'OK' button. What happened then?


              If you selected "Let me choose" it should have asked you which folder to shred, I think.