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    McAfee SaaS V5.4.0 -Firewall disabled

      Installed MCAfee SaaS v5.4.0 on 4 PCs (Windows 7 Pro) and Firewall Core Service does not appear on Services and Firewall function can't be enabled from McAfee Console.

      These PCs were previously installed with McAfee Antivirus Plus. This softwawe had been uninstalled before reinstall with McAfee SaaS.

      I tried clean up windows registry according to KB72482, KB71500 and using MCPR.exe but nothing changed..


      Anyone could help please?




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          I am going to give you the only answer that i have found that solved the issue for me....and it isn't much of a solution but after 5 calls and hours of chats....the only way I was able to fix this on the two pc's that I was having issues with was to wipe the windows 7 installs and start from scratch....once I did that and loaded the mcaffee from the command line everything was fine.


          I only had the issue on 2 of 25 computers...but in the long run it was faster to reload than to continue sitting on hold....reading forums and trying things that didn't work.



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            Hi Renod33,


            I have read your post and I see that you have issues with the McAfee Firewall.


            Please follow the steps mentioned in the below McAfee Knowledge base article.


            https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB74645&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1338457400256


            Follow the steps and let us know if it resolved the issue that you were facing.



            Pritish P.

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              Hi Pritish,


              Unfortunately it doesn't work either. The 'Maxnumfilters' value is already set to 10. Nothing to changed at Registry.

              But I still tried uninstall just McAfee Firewall Protection, restart computer and manually update firewall. Still after that Firewall protection is disabled.


              Any other solution I could try please?



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                HI Renod33,


                Please run the below tools and collect the log files.


                https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB72452&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1338863599334


                Please follow the steps to run the second steps.


                1. Open Internet Explorer
                2. Open the page mer.mcafee.com

                3. Click on .exe download and run the file
                4. Select I agree and select the product as Total Protection Services from the list and click on start
                5. Once it is completed it will generate a log file, please save the file



                Once done with both, save the log files and get back to us, we will let you know how to proceed.




                Pritish P.

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                  I recently installed the 5.4 version on a windows 7 (64bit) laptop.  The same issue applies here, also - no firewall protection.  I have also performed several suggested tasks to no avail.  If a resolution is found, I would also be very interested in hearing it.


                  So far, it works well with my vista and XP OS's.

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                    Hi rustle_s,


                    Please follow the below steps to fix the issue.


                    Please ignore if any of the trouble shooting steps ended in failure and simply proceed with the installation procedures that is given below.


                    1. Log on to the security center from www.mcafeeasap.com
                    2. Click on the tab utilities-> select the sub tab Migration & Optimization.
                    3. Under the Cleanup Utility --> select the download option.
                    4. Download and save it to the desktop and run this exe to uninstall.
                    5. Delete all the entries from start->Run->temp and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)
                    6.  Delete all the entries from start->Run->%temp% and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)
                    7. Reboot the computer.


                    ---> Please reset the Windows firewall to default and then disable the windows firewall before starting the installation.

                    Installation :


                    To install the updates for the Total Protection Service, please use the Silent installation method.

                    1. Open the webpage www.mcafeeasap.com and login with your security center.
                    2. Click on utilities on the top
                    3. under the installation tab, select the second option silent installation to download.
                    4. save the vssetup.exe file to your c: drive.
                    5. Now click start --> type cmd.exe into the search field.
                    6. Then Right-click on cmd.exe and click “Run as administrator” to open the command prompt.

                    Type cd\ (enter)


                    6.copy this command and paste


                    VSSETUP.EXE /CK=Company Key /P=VFB


                    Please substitute your Company key there in the above command after CK=, and then run the command.


                    Where P is the parameter and V is the virus scan, F the firewall and B the browser protection. If you want to exclude installation of any software you need to omit that parameter from the above command. Run a complete update from the m icon after the install is done with the above method.


                    Please reply back if the above does not resolve the issue.



                    Pritish P.

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                      I have followed your instructions "to the letter", and.... it worked!  The McAfee Firewall Protection is enabled with an engine version showing now.  I checked the windows firewall settings(just for giggles) and it states that it is off.  I presume this is because the McAfee firewall is now the primary?  If this is true, we are all good, Thanks!


                      Russell S.

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                        Hi Rustle_s,


                        Yes, you are correct. Since the McAfee firewall is on, the Windows firewall will be turned off automatically.


                        Please do not worry. We are happy that your issue is now resolved. Please feel free to contact us for any further issues with McAfee software.



                        Pritish P.