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    snapgear cms

      hi all


      i am well aware of the snapgear / utm EOL situation but we still rely hevaily on this technology in our business .... mostl sg300 (snapgear) and sg310 (utm mcafee)


      we have 200+ retail stores around australia and NZ and each store uses a snapgear to connect back to head office


      i am looking to purchase the snapgear cms software in order to manage these routers.


      anyonekow where i can purchase it from? try it? is the utm cc (ucc) software the same.


      any help at all would e greatly appreciated


      contact direct if u like michaelb@rag.net.au


      thanks in advance

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          No UTM products are available for sale as far as I know. including software only products.


          There were 2 releases of software to address the central mangement requirements customers sourght, but for various reasons, neither reached full maturity.


          What particular mangement of technical issues are you trying to address ?


          There are possibly other ways to do so.


          If you give me some details I may be able to offer some suggestions.

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            we need the ability to make changes to the allowed and blocked url list on each router. currently we do this by hand ie visiting each router. we dont have any other central way of managing these units


            id love any suggestions you may have. thanks for your quick repsonse



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              To add a new allow URL you can run this command on the box:


                    metash -c 'config set [config new access_control.web_lists.web_list_allow] url "http://www.hithere.com/"; config save'


              A new blocking URL is:


                    metash -c 'config set [config new access_control.web_lists.web_list_block] url "http://www.hithere.com/"; config save'


              If your talents include scripting, you could 'automate' this.


              Hope this helps.