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    EEFF 4.0 stops programs from running after installation


      Hi All,


      we have recently installed EEFF4.0 onto two systems. After installing EEFF, the systems were un-usable. Office was telling us that there was no licence key in it.McAfee Agent was not running or communicating with ePO. Stored passwords and logons were missing for certain programs (such as msn messenger). Firefox and several other programs crashed and could not be shut down without a restart of the systems. We have now uninstalled EEFF viathe command line. We had to re-install the McAfee agent, and re-enter theOffice licence key. The systems appear to be running normally now.


      Is there any reason for this to happen on systems that anyone is aware of? We plan to deploy EEFF to a large number of systems, but have put this on hold untill we have resolved this issue.