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    VSE 8.5i & Server 2008/Exchange 2007

      Our existing Exchange 2003 server catastrophically failed some months ago and out of warranty, so we have been running it under VMWare Server on a Quad core desktop as a stop-gap (we're looking at VMWare project), but with more than 90 users hitting it and a lot of external VPN links, it's not coping, and I have been instructed to fit a loan system for a few months, to bring it back to full power, as we had before - dual GB links, dual Xeon CPU and SAS drives etc...

      My question is, my external support team are advising to upgrade it to Server 2008 and Exchange 2007, and do a migration from the old virtual box. I need to know if VSE 8.5i P8 will work under 2008 Std 64bit, i know it does under 2003 64 bit, as thats what's on our AX server, also will i need to upgrade Groupshield to 7.0x?