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    smart fortress removal

      hi, the smart fortress virus invaded my pc. trying to find a way of getting rid is a problem. i have been trawling the net trying to find a solution and many say start up in safe mode with networking. the problem i have with that is that it just wont do it, it goes straight back to normal mode. if i carry on then it loads up but as soon as i reach the desktop a screen appears threatening to lockdown the pc if i dont pay £100 . it completely covers the desk top screen and i cannot get anywhere. does anybody else know of this problem, how do i cure it? if i load a cd disk up it is also hidden behind the malicous screen so cannot proceed further with that. meanwhile the box of paracetamol i have next to me is taking a real hammering....

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          These types of programs are hard to detect byt the above should help.


          I am moving this post to top threats area as antivirus techs might monitor it as well.

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            i have just tried entering bleepingcomputer as you suggest but all i get is Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. I do have a Mcafee anti virus programme installed and it seems no matter what security system i try Smart Fortress seems to push aside. 

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              looking through other posts i notice a few that mention West Yorkshire Police. That is the screen that covers all of my desk top screen. All this happened after Smart Fortress Security alert popped up. 

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                having not being able to get anywhere on this problem for the past 2 days i thought i would try a slightly differant approach. Unable to start off in Safe Mode with Networking and not being able to see the desk top because it was covered with a West Yorkshire Police fake warning i started to play about with the keys on the board and pressing ctrl, alt and del together rapidly found that the task manager would stay on, showing that my internet was on i highlighted that and deleted it, at the same timethe fn key was pressed and the start menu came up, then a quick trip to system tools and a system restore to the very earliest point. on the restart up pressing f8 and all of a sudden i could get Safe Mode with Networking running. The Fake warning had vanished, dont know where, but i was sure pleased to see my desktop. A download of Malewarebytes was done and the scan showed 14 infections. These where removed and so far, all seems good, although time will tell.  

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                  Seems like you had a package of malware. Whatever infected you first probably contacted a C&C server to download other programs.


                  Going back to the earliest possible System Restore point was a good idea, but now you'll need to download updates from Microsoft and McAfee to catch up with where you should be. Also check Java if you've got it, Flash, Adobe Reader (well, everything from Adobe).


                  Malwarebytes will pick up a lot of infections, but it doesn't do viruses. Once you've got McAfee updates downloaded run a Quick Scan - Full Scan if you're feeling at all paranoid - and see what comes up. You could also run Stinger (from HERE) or GetSusp (from HERE) as a final reassurance. Then run a program like CCleaner to clear out temp files, cookies, cache, DNScache and so on. It has a 'check registry' option but use that with caution (Ex_Brit would say, not at all).

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                    Sorry in my haste missed your restore comment. Some other reading


                    Two malwares seems to be what smart fortress does see here



                    Also West yorkshire malware encrypts the files  read this as well. From what I gather you need an unencryption tool.


                    Best to download any programs on another PC.


                    There are several threads on this searching the forum search box and a blank "Restrict to group area" for west yorkshire police and look for solved (green symbol) ones such as



                    Will ask another mod to review this


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                      Running XP and tried this fix but can't get it to work.  When do you start pressing Ctrl+Alt + Del?  Have been pressing keys rapidly as soon as windows xp logo appears. 


                      If I click on task bar to get task manager pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del Task Mgr doesn't appear but if I stop pressing keys and use mouse to click on task bar and click Task Mgr just get West Yorks screen eventually.


                      Also when did you press windows key?  Noticed that after West Yorks screen apears windows egg timer continues for a bit.  Using wireless keyboard and mouse would direct wired make any difference?  What am i doing wrong?

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                        Simon, as soon as the windows welcomw screen came up i started tapping the ctrl+alt+del keys, then although the West Yorkshire Police screen came up i could see Task Manager box. once i had that on screen i could for some reason get my desk top screen up only momantarily but long enough to get to do a system restore from the very earliest point i could. This has so far worked and ive not seen the West Yorkshire since. I have also done a full scan with malewarebytes and then again with mcafee and so far touchwood.