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    Certificate Compliance Failed



      currently im watching a problem in my eventvwr. Many errors are listed, everytime i get the following message:



      CertificateCompliance Failed GenerationDate Match; 21.03.2012 17:55:34 - 25.05.2012 18:06:34


      I think there is a problem with a certificate from the eMail Server, which has been created while connecting to the activesync server for the first time.


      But i can't find any invalid certificates in the certificate list. Where is this certificate stored?


      Edit: Okay, after a bit more investigation i found out that there are three different entrys with the same error listed in the eventvwr, the only difference is the stated date.


      It has something to do with the certificates for each user, but how can i find out which user is affected? There are no more informations given by the eventvwr.






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          That's a normal error and is not likely causing any problems.  I'm not sure exactly what it indicates but I beleive that this error occurs when a device renews it's compliance.

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            I don't think it has something to do with a compliance renewal. I assume that the connection between Exchange ActiveSync and EMM is encoded with a self signed certificate, but this certificate can't be renewed on certain devices.

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              These errors are scattered throughout my logs since day one.  I have sent my logs to mcaffee support and they pointed out what each of the errors I was seeing meant.  Here is thier reply:


              Hub Server:


              There are a ton of these errors and they are for the same device. They just mean the device failed to complete MDM check in and it continues to try for sometime, unsuccessfully. Reason why the device could not check in will vary and it may have been some issue that eventually went away, but you could look for it in the helpdesk based on app id and see if it’s working now or not.



              Unsuccessful CheckIn for device ApplDQWFW0SFDFHW


              There were also a few of the errors below in February and randomly throughout. These mean that a device is checking in and its policy has since changed, so the device will be non-compliant unless it gets the new policy. It should then download the new policy and these errors go away. This may have been triggered by a policy publish and then they usually go away when everyone has the updated policy.



              CertificateCompliance Failed GenerationDate Match; 2/11/2012 4:05:44 PM - 2/14/2012 9:48:27 PM


              on 5/31/12 10:31:32 AM CDT