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    Move Clients from 4.5 to 4.6 EPO server



      Currently we have our network connected to an older server running EPO 4.5. I have since created a new server and installed EPO 4.6.2.


      What processes should i follow to get the current Clients (running 4.6) to to see the new EPO server?

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          Laszlo G

          Hi jcr269, the easiest way would be transferring systems from ePO 4.5 server to ePO 4.6 server.


          First of all you need to export security keys from ePO 4.5 to ePO 4.6 (Menu->Configuration->Security Keys) then register a new ePO server under each existing ePO server (Menu->Configuration->Registered Servers) and you'll be finally able to transfer systems under your ePO 4.5 server with the Action->Agent->Transfer systems button