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    MSME 7.6 versus Windows Active Sync issue


      Hi everyone,



      I am trying to shed some lights on an issue we are having since we deployed McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange (MSME) on to an Exchange server.

      The issue being that when MSME is enabled (service is running), our mobile devices, iOS and Androids, connecting to the exchange server via Active Sync are experiencing some issues. One being that  they don`t seem to retrieve emails properly, new mails not showing on mobile devices for example. The second issue being that the battery on the affected hand-helds are decreasing faster then normal.



      Our observations:

      Server OS version:

      Windows 2003 R2 SP2  (with latest windows updates)


      Mail service version:

      Microsoft exchange 2003 sp2 (running Active Sync)


      McAfee softwares version:

      MSME 7.6

      MA 4.5 sp3 centrally managed via EPO 4.5 sp3



      Possible solution:

      After some reading and search on knowledge bases it sounded that Activating the "Pro-Active Scanning" feature in MSME could resolve the issue.


      Steps taken:

      In EPO, ENABLED the "Pro-Active Scanning" on the Default Policy governing the affected Exchange server.

      Did a wake-up agent and looked localy on the MSME console so that the feature was activated = yes its enforcing.



      Hand-held are still experiencing the same issues.



      If anyone has come across that kind issue with Active Sync/MSME let me know about your experience/results.

      I am wondering if I overlooked a step. I remain available to provide more details if someone can help.



      Thanks for taking time to read my post.


      Have a great evening/day





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          Usually when we see this the enabling the vsapi proactive scanning takes care of it.

          After the policy enforcement do you close and re-open the Product Interface and setting remains??

          Do you have any other issue relating to MSME in event logs or product logs - scan failures/database initialization failures/Failure to write to Database?? 

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            Hi Aidan,


            No failure to databases noticed or reported.


            We re-enabled the MSME Service and problem seems to have disapeared now.

            Maybe we did not wait long enough the first time the policy was updating, post ENABLEMENT. Now new emails are being Scanned and delivered to mobiles. Active Sync seems ok and We will keep monitoring for the battery issue and see if it resurface.



            Thanks for the follow-up on my initial post.



            Have a great day.





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              We rolled out MSME 7.6 Patch1 to all our Exchange 2003 backend servers and started having this issue where the handheld devices would not sync at all or some would get emails but very delayed. We were also getting reports that calendar and contacts would not sync at all on their phones.

              After enabling 'ProActive Scanning' their mobile devices started syncing again.


              Is this setting also recommended on MSME 7.6 that runs on Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010?

              I will be rolling out MSME 7.6 Patch1 to those versions of Exchange soon and would like to know.




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                As far as I remember I've only had to state this for Exchange 2003 installations.

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                  Wow, finally found this fix. Thank you very much for posting. 


                  We've just moved to McAfee from another anti-virus vendor.

                  After installing MSME 7.6 with Patch 1 via our EPO to our Exchange 2003 VM, we had this problem where our Exchange IIS log were growing at the rate of about 1MB a minute, that our Apple devices had weird issues syncing, and that their batteries were draining very quickly.


                  Really dissapointing that this is the default behaviour of the latest version of McAfee MSME, and that even after having the call open and escalated with McAfee support for approx 1 week, they haven't found a solution to a problem that is a simple check box in the options of their own product.