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    McAfee ePO / DLP and Titus


      I have a customer who has McAfee ePO and Titus and we see a lot of events in ePO (saving the document 201980)

      Is there somebody who could tell me something about the integration between ePO and Titus or how to filter these events from being send to ePO?

      All help is appreciated!




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          Hi Marco,


          I am brand new to this community as of 5 mins ago.  I work for TITUS and am reponsible for the SIA partnership.  blair.canavan@titus.com



          I am looping in Kelly in our Product Management team (soon to join).  kelly.fraser@titus.com






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            Hi Marco,


            TITUS Message Classification 3.5 , TITUS Classification for Microsoft Offfice 3.5  an TITUS Classification for Desktop 1.1 are McAfee SIA certified applications.


            Each product has the ability to limit the ammount of logging that takes place as a global setting in the configuration for the product. The minimal ammount of logging would be errors only which should only log events in the case of the add-ins not starting correctly.


            Hope that helps and sorry for the delay.