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    SSL middling -  mass import of MWG's CA certificate into users' Firefox trust db?


      Greetings all,


      I've talked with support on this but they don't have a procedure handy for what I imagine has to be an extremely common use case for the web gateways --   for those of you who support Firefox in your corporate environment, how do you handle getting the CA cert that MWG is using to create SSL certs on the fly into Firefox's certificate database so users aren't deluged with cert warnings from their local Firefox install?


      Googling for a solution to this has provided a remarkable dearth of useful information that seems current/relevant to modern Firefoxen.


      If anyone has a procedure that works for them, ideally if it merges with existing deployed user profiles and doesn't stomp entirely on their cert db, and/or works with SCCM I'd be quite appreciative!

      But any command line procedure for doing cert import into firefox would be superb!