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    conime.exe detected and deleted

      I noticed a log in ePO showing conime.exe as being detected and deleted.

      I found a thread from last year saying this was a false positive and the behavior was fixed - has anyone seen this recently?


      My config:
      ePO 4
      McAfee 8.7 on Windows XP
      Dat: 5634.0000
      Engine Version: 5301.4018

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          I've seen nothing posted recently.. Have you checked the DAT files on the computer where the deletion occurred? It may be incorrectly updated.

          Or, maybe it was a legitmate infection.. Was the infected computer a Vista machine? The original problem only occurred on Vista..

          Did you check where the conime.exe file was located? The "good" file is supposed to be in the C:\Windows\System32 folder...

          Hope this helps.