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    Calculating Client Events Per Day - How


      Scratching my head on this one


      How do I calculate the number of events that each of my clients generate per day ?


      Looking at the ePO 4.6 sizing guide I know how many clients I have, I know the initial database size but I need to work out how many client events I can expect per day.


      current system is >100,000 clients with a 1hr ASCI (this may be a bit excessive) & the database is c70Gb

      What I'm wanting to do is implement a new 4.6 server to manage the same client base (initially without handlers) but with the ASCI pushed out to 4Hrs


      Only products on the endpoints are


      VSE8.7 & Agent on all

      Groupshield 7 on exchange servers


      1x ODS scan per week


      My initial thoughts are to just specify the DB storage at 150Gb & have done with it but I'd like to be able to confirm this with calculations