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    I simply cannot contact Mcafee support ; someone help please

      I recently had trouble with my laptop [ primary computer] my brother gave me his and we had to try and install mcafee on the new one. It was impossible to find links to download the original produicts as the names have changed instead our only option seemd a new licence/subscription  for mcafee 2012 total protection or something like that. So we bought a licence for the new product and wish to cancel the other 2 products we logged an issue and got a number McAfee Customer Service - SR-878860124 but we cannot contact them for an update.  I have logged on to my account and could only see the 2 old proucts and not the new product. I managed to turn off autorenew for both of them so worst case I only have 3 products till November. I know times are tough but without a support mail address and living in the UK and not the USA it is impossible to gert hold of someone,

      sorry  to ramble on ,