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    Anti-Theft Files

      I recently lost the motherboard on my old Windows XP machine which contained my Anit-Theft vault, luckily the hard drive is still working.  I just bought a new Windows 7 PC and need to get my vault files off my old hard drive, however when I hook it up via USB I can't find my Vault files even though all my other files are there.  I have installed McAfee and Anti-Theft on the new Windows 7 machine but can't figure out out to recover my old Vault files from the old hard drive.  Please help, I know there has to be a way because the old hard drive still works fine and everything else is still on it.  Thanks.

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          Kindly update us the Version details of installed McAfee Anti-theft Product that is installed in the Windows 7 PC.


          (Navigation: Open McAfee product > Click About on the top right)


          •     McAfee Security Center: ??

          •     McAfee Anti-theft: ??


          Also, if it is a stand alone product then kindly update us the Property details of the McAfee Anti-theft installed in the Windows 7 PC.

          You will be able to view the properties details by right clicking the McAfee Anti-Theft icon on the desktop.

          (Navigation: Right Click McAfee Anti-Theft icon > Single Left Click Properties in the bottom)


          Under Version Tab:-

          File Version: ??

          Description: ??


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            I'm using McAfee Total Protection.


            McAfee Security Center

            Version: 11.0

            Build: 11.0.669


            McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection

            Version: 2.0

            Build: 2.0.403



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              • Kindly Hook up your HDD via USB &
              • Follow the below given steps to Set the windows to show hidden files.
              • win7 hidden files.bmp




                1. Open windows explorer (any folder in Windows).
                2. Click the Organize button and select Folder and Search Options.
                3. Click the View tab > Scroll down to Hidden Files and Folders
                4. Put a check mark beside show hidden files and folders
                5. And uncheck the box beside Hide protected operating system files.
                6. OK.



              • You can find the Vault files in the below location

              NOTE: Replace where <username> with the name of your Windows User Profile)

              C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\McAfee Anti-Theft

              • Once backing up the Vault select Restore defaults in the Folder Options.
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                  Thanks Jai!  Although these instructions didn't exactly solve my problem they were extremely helpful with finding the vault file on my old hard drive.  I was then able to use the Advanced option from my new computer's McAfee Anti-Theft then "Access External Vault" and get to the files on my old hard drive.  Thank you very much, I really appreciate the help.  Problem solved!

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                    Following your explanation and previous instructions from  JaiPrahash, I had solved a similar problem of recovering a XYZ.vault  file from the HHD disk of my  recently crashed old laptop. Thank you all.

                    But to help some other people with similar problem, I should write that opening  the XYZ.vault file, using the Advanced option from my new computer's McAfee Anti-Theft  and then "Access External Vault”, was only possible after copying the XYZ.vault file from the USB  HDD disk into my new laptop.