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    Who is going to deploy VS8.7 P1 to the enterprise?

      Hi all

      wow, what i dilemma i imagine for alot of people.

      I have a client with over 10,000 workstations on VS8.0, who i have been waiting to uplift to either 8.5 or 8.7.

      8.5 has obviously had time to mature through the various patch levels to reach the stability it now has, but, obviously, its an older product, and given that 8.7 offers some new and interesting features, i was wanting to wait and see what 8.7 patch 1 brought to resolve some issues some people had with 8.7, before making my decision

      No one could have forseen the major issues that 8.7 patch 1 could have caused, and has massively affected my trust in a plan i had to roll this out after testing to this client.

      Its a shame as 8.7 p 1 seems to perform really well, with an improved memory footprint, improved scanning performance and Artemis Detection, but i just dont have that much faith in it right now, especially as McAfee have not released a 'hotfix' for patch1 rather just a workaround in the DATS.

      I am in two minds, though at the moment it looks like it will be a 8.5 rollout, seeing as 8.0 is going end of life end of this year


      What are other peoples thoughts? Were you hanging on before you uplifted?


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