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    Possible issue with Diablo III and McAfee

      Here is what I have been dealing with since I installed the game. Everytime I power my computer on my internet connection eventually comes up as a "Unidentified Network" with local access only. I can either go to Windows Network Center and repair it, by resetting the LAN adpater, or I can even just unplug my ethernet cable and plug it back in and then my computer will find my connection. Once the connection is up I never loose it or have it drop me in game. I am just wondering if my computer not finding my connection automatically on power up may be from Diablo III.


      Uninstalled Diablo III and did a Windows Restore back to the 15th....which fixed my computer's internet connection issue for a few minutes until my McAfee updated and the connection issue came back. I uninstalled McAfee and reinstalled it and once again my connection issue was resolved...until I reinstalled Diablo III today. I am right back where I started. UGH!!! So bottom line is this is a issue between Diablo III and McAfee. I just have no clue how to fix this!