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    McAfee Security Center blank window


      Yes, the blank Security Center UI is back as a result of one of the McAfee auto-updates since mid May 2012  (Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1, IE 9.06 [via Microsoft auto updates] with up-to-date updates for both). 


      I discovered the blank UI today, and it was not the case 10 days ago.  I have not messed with fonts, or other changes to sys config other than daily email, internet, and application use might make.  MVT reported no problems. Since I can't see the security center UI, I can't get the pane with all the McAfee module version numbers.


      The last time I "fixed" this problem it took a complete uninstall of the OS, reformat HD, two "clean install" passes from the Win 7 update disk, re-do all Windows Auto updates, and re-install all apps including McAfee from scratch.  Fine just before moving all my apps to make this my main machine (as it is now).  There is no way I am going to do that again to fix a bug that is clearly an issue between McAfee and IE 9 (i.e. Microsoft).  It is time these two companies get together, sort out the problem and provide an fix ASAP!  (Of course that would mean they are professionals who actually care about customer post-sales experience, which to this point I see very little evidence of.  Merely leaving it to users to come up with a bunch of "sometimes works" fixes and workarounds is not a serious, customer-centric professional approach to fixing this  problem that first appeared with Vista about 4 years ago.