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    VirusScan scanned three boot records instead of two? Something weird is going on

      Yesterday, I did a full scan, and my computer somehow scanned three boot records instead of the normal two. I ran the Avast MBR checker and it said I had a default Windows 7 MBR, so no problem


      I restarted my computer, loaded the boot manager (it was either F2 or F8) and only saw one boot option. The second boot option was the Windows recovery partion with F9.


      I was a bit confused. After Windows restarted. I ran virtual technician and it noted some McAfee process wasn't running, I am guessing that might have had something to do with a recent update or the recent restart. It fixed the problem it detected, and then I ran a full scan, and canceled. The boot record was back to the normal 2. I then loaded up Malwarebytes, updated that, and then ran full scans on both Malwarebytes and McAfee. Nothing was found and the number of boot records was still 2 (where it should be).


      Do I have anything to be worried about with regards to a scan saying three boot records, or was that just McAfee screwing up?