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    Is there a way to export info from EEPC SBFS and import it to EEM?


      The situatios is like this..


      We have 2 EEM (Endpoint Encryption Manager)

      - EEM01

      - EEM02

      This EEm was not setup by our team so we do not know the details on how it's was setup,


      However after some incident of "get sync error unable to sync local database Error [e0050020]"


      We relize that this setup is not Primary & Secondary istead only Primary and Backup..

      So in other word it's not updating each other... EEM01 only updating EEM02. (backup to EEm02)


      This error comes from package setting creation...

      A package was configure and created to connect EEM01 & EEM02 whichever good connection.

      - when machine installed and creating a profile to EEM02, this ok for sometimes until EEM01 updating/backup it's content to EEM02

      - Profiles in EEM02 were deleted and replaced with infor from EEm01 (that why machine getting e0050020 error - it's profile was wipe during EEM01 to EEM02 backup processes)


      We've identified this issue and new package built has been issue for all our sites to avoid getting this error..


      My Question:

      Is there a way beside removing EEPC from client that having e0050020 error like export it SBFS info and then import it back to EEM so machine can continue connect and syn to EEM?

      Is it possible?


      Thanks in advance.

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