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    RSD and dual nics



      I'm having a problem with RSD thinking systems that are already in the System Tree are rogues.  The problem seems to be we have two NICs on all our servers, and the front end is the one that shows up in ePO and is what is associated with the entry in the System Tree, but the NIC on our management network shows up as an entry in RSD.


      I don't want to have to create thousands of exceptions or ignore the management network.  Any ideas on other options?




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          Haven't tried this one yet as I've not got Dual Nic's in my test rig.


          Couldn't you tailor the first response to query the device for the presence of an agent being managed by the ePO server, if it then responds as being managed add the address to the exceptions list ?


          I've got just such an issue on an install I'm planning & am thinking this may be the way to sort it.

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