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    VSE 8.7 patch 1 has been reposted

      VSE 8.7 patch 1 has been reposted

      this is the original patch reposted again, if you have better than 5639 DATS then you are longer liable to the false positive issue that caused the patch to be withdrawn (see link)


      Sticking this as the definitive advice on this issue
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          So rather than fix the bug in the software, they just rely on the DAT files? This is almost certainly going to happen again...
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            When will they be re-releasing the Integrated installer of VSE8.7i with Patch 1?

            Also, they should include the force 5639 DAT as a requirement before allowing Patch 1 to be installed.

            But i guess that's asking too much...
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              Couldnt agree more.

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                Just been in contact with our Gold Support...


                ****al: Hi
                ****al: Welcome to McAfee Gold Support
                ****al: How can I help you today?
                RSnooks: Now that patch 1 has been re-released for VSE 8.7i, will there be a full installation of VSE 8.7i with Patch 1 integrated?
                RSnooks: Before Patch 1 was removed, this integrated installer was available.
                ****al: This is expected to be released by EOD today.
                RSnooks: Ok thanks. Are you also aware if this will have 5639 DAT integrated? As Patch 1 is not stable with any DATS before this.
                ****al: This repost package includes newer DATs than the first posting of 8.7 w/ Patch 1.
                RSnooks: Great.

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                  Excellent, thanks for the info.
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                    The full installer re-post is back on-line. Downloading it now.

                    edit - It has the DAT version of 5644 in the re-re-post, so I think all should be well now.
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                      Anyone know how to force this version to install over the previous version via ePO?

                      I have checked it in, but it still thinks its the same version and wont install over existing installations.
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                        I don't understand why you would want to do that?

                        If the current systems you are talking about are already running patch 1, then it doesn't make any difference, so long as there DAT is updating ok.

                        This package will just be usefull for new installations or for upgrades over previous products, as it just makes sure that they will install with the minumum level of DAT so as not to make any false detections on the windows systems files.

                        edit - if you mean you want to install Patch 1 on systems that have 8.7 unpatched, then you have to also check in the patch on it's own.
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                          Sorry i didnt explain properly.

                          My systems are currently running 8.7i Patch 0... i uninstalled the manual patch when it started causing our computers to blue screen and i don't want to put the manual patch on again now its OK due to the reliance on DATS as we have a couple hundred computers with older DATS (trying to resolve this atm).

                          So when the new integrated release came out with Patch 1 and the latest DAT implemented, i thought it would be easier to re-roll 8.7i out from the full installation.

                          I've checked the integrated installation into the repository, but it is still seen as minor version 570 so it doesn't attempt to overwrite current installations when the deployment task is run.

                          If it still isn't clear, let me know :P
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