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    Client Synchronisation problem after unencrypting - re-encrypting exercise

      Version 5.2.10

      I have recently taken over support of a small office of users who all have McAfee End-Point Encryption installed onto Toshiba laptops.

      During the weekend of switch over all laptops were re-encrypted using a bootable floppy.

      We noticed though that despite having reset all users passwords to a generic password (they would have to change on 1st boot) no passwords were recognised other than the admin password.

      Now we are attempting to get single-signon working but the clients and the server do not seem to be syncronising.

      We were able to do a password recovery as a way of getting single-sign on working but would rather be able to centrally reset password rather than the complex challenge and response method.

      I obtained the sdmcfg.ini from one of the clients and noticed:


      Database1="Correct IP Address"



      Description="Correct Hostname"




      ServerKey= "Key here matches Server based sdmcg.ini"



      Description=Transfer Database





      There are two databases configured:  the Server and a transfer Database.


      I also had a look at the SbClientlog.txt which I won't post for privacy reasons.


      I noticed several lines:


      Error [e0120004]: License count exceeded


      After that the client seems to have switched to the Transfer Database - Connecting to database: "Transfer Database"


      Is the license count the reason for the client not syncronising and for using the local database?


      If I correct the license count do I have to do anything else to get syncronising to work?