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    EEPC script error invalid syntax

      We are testing use EEPC script automatically add user to EEPC client.


      according to EEPC script guide page 7:


      we can use the eeadmin.assignUser command to add a user or a user group to a system or branch.


      I tried to do following use EEPC script:


      add a domain user encryption\Borislav to a EEPC client named hp18aeefe2afb4 under system tree branch my organization-> EEPC




      the command I tried via Python Client as following :


      >>> eeadmin.assignUser  systemNode=hp18aeefe2afb4 nodeId=EEPC dn=CN=Borislav,CN=Users,DC=encryption,DC=hp,DC=com





      it promt SyntaxError: Invalid Syntax


      I attached screenshot for information.


      Does anyone familar with EEPC script let me know what is the correct syntax should be ? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.




      Best Regards,