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    Setting Up Throttling in MWG7




      I am just trying to set up the throttling feature described in this whitepaper:

      https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 23000/PD23273/en_US/MWG_Bandwidth_Throttling.pdf


      I created a very simple rule, and deactivated all other rule sets ...



      Because I just want to test this feature I tell the Web Gateway to throttle all connections to 20kbit/s.


      But when I start a download (openoffice for example) I get a much higher download rate:

      I get 359KB/s




      Has anybody an idea, why it is not working?


      Best Regards,



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          can you ensure the request was sent through MWG? I see no reason why the rule should not trigger. I just tried the same with my lab MWG:



          And it seems to work perfectly fine:


          1- von 1 Datei - Downloads_045.png


          MWG applies throttling by scaling down TCP window sizes. Is there probably some low-level network device (firewall/router) around MWG that could have an effect and tries to rewrite window sizes?




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            Are you using this on a VMware using a NAT interface?


            I think there is a known constraint with the NAT interface that prevents throttling from working because the VMhost modifies the packet level data...or something like that.

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              I am on  with appliances and have a Throttle.Server(10000)  on a rule that applies only to Responses and am getting throttling. 


              Though, I never do get the throttling numbers to match what I enter.   As an example, a throttle of 10000 results for me in download bandwidth of around 18Mbps 



              To ensure that your traffic is going through the MWG, I find Microsoft's wonderful sysinternals tcpview tool indispensible for verifying that given apps are actually paying attention to system proxy settings (assuming you're in an explicit proxy architecture).


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