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    Real Time Scanning



      I'm having trouble with a program opening up.  When I launch the program it just hangs for a long time.  If you leave it long enough it will eventually start up.  It can take upwards of 1/2 hour before it does though.  What I've found is if I turn off "real time scanning" it will start right up.  I can even shut it off after I've tried to launch the program and the program will come up almost immediately.  What is the real time scanner doing/scanning that won't allow this program to run.  I know the program is fine but something about the code ect. is not playing well with the software.



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          Here is the second part to my problem.  I received a response back from the manufacturer of the program.  They said that they have some files that are encrypted and hidden that McAfee may see as suspicous and may flag as a false positive.  They recommend that I make an exclusion and tell the program not to scan the particular folder.  They also know the answer to that....YOU CAN'T because McAfee in their infinate wisdom has decided that retail users of thier software don't need this functionality.  They provide it I guess in their corporate versions but have removed this a few years ago in their retail versions.  WHY??  I have asked  and I've seen others too on the forums that want and need this.  Why should we not be able to tell the software to disregard some folders or files.  There will be mistakes made and files that will be flagged that there really isn't a problem.  Why can't there be a way to tell the program to leave these files alone?


          RANT RANT RANT


          If anyone has an answer I'd really appreciate it. (other than switching programs...which I may do when the subscription runs out if they or won't fix this)