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    Help removing some elements of LinkedIn.

      Good Morning,


      I have been directed to remove certain elements of LinkedIn so it can meet our corporate usage policy and be allowed through our MWG.  I looked at and utilized the ruleset from this discussion as a starting point:




      Following this,  I have been able to remove the Inbox, Jobs, and Profile tabs from the top of LinkedIn.  The problem I can't seem to resolve is how to remove the same headings from the LinkedIn search list.  We would like to be able to remove Inbox and jobs from the search (if at all possible).  If we can't simply remove those elements,  I suppose I could try to remove search completely, but that would defeat the purpose of allowing the site for use.


      Does anyone have a ruleset that accomplishes this or can anyone point me in the right direction?


      I would very much appreciate the help if anyone with some experience opening and removing HTML with MWG could take a look before I completely pull my hair out.




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          can you add a screenshot to show which elements exactly you would like to remove?




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            Sure! Sorry I didn't include to begin with.


            This is the LinkedIn page when a user initially logs in. Notice the inbox, profile and jobs headings on the top banner.



            In the second image, you see that we have successfully removed those headings from the top banner by using what we learned from here: https://community.mcafee.com/message/210597#210597

            We would like to be able to also remove them from the search drop down. I activated that drop down and put a red line beside the jobs and inbox search selections that we want to remove.


            I hope this helps clearify.


            Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!






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              Okay I think I got it. First look at my LinkedIn without any MWG rules. I show how to remove the Inbox, which is called "Post" on my LinkedIn (german version):




              You already removed the Inbox link on the top navigation bar, which is great. The rules from the community entry you linked above extract the "li" HTML tag and remove it, if the "id" attribute matches "nav-primary-inbox". For the Inbox ("Post") link in the search selection this is a little more complicated. The overlay is generated from an HTML "select" tag, which can be seen when looking at the source:




              There you can find the tag that is responsible for the Inbox ("Post") link:


              "<option value="inbox" title="Stichwort">Post</option>"


              We need to enhance the HTML Opener to also look at "option" tags:




              After you did that, we are able to look at and remove "option" tags. The Inbox ("Post") option tag can be uniquely identified by the "value"  attribute, which says value="inbox". Now we add a rule:




              You can copy and paste the old rule and modify the criteria of the new rule:


              Edit Rule_042.png

              Now save and reload LinkedIn (wipe browser cache to make sure you reload the entire page):



              Let me know if this helps.




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                Works like a champ!  I applied the same technique to remove the jobs search as well.  (That was the other item that was giving me trouble.)

                Thank you very much for your help, it saved me many hours of frustration I am sure!