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    VSE 8.7 Network Heuristic Sensitivity.

      At av-comparatives.org, they reviewed Mcafee Consumer home version (with Artemis), and they said Mcafee had higher detection rates and lower false positive rates than both Eset and Kaspersky. Unfortunately, they only reviewed the Consumer home version of Viruscan.

      I would have liked to have them review VSE 8.7i. My question is specifically what Network Heuristic sensity level is the Mcafee Home version (with Artemis).

      I've read that Mcafee controls the Network Heuristic sensitivity for their Home version via dat updates.

      Does anyone know what the home version's default Network Heuristic sensitivity?
      I just want to configure vse8.7 the same way.


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          Although this doesnt answer your question, as the result of some testing and peliminary pilots to a group of users and seeing what it has detected so far

          The settings i am going with are Low for Desktops/Laptops for both the OAS and ODS

          and Very Low for Servers for again both the OAS and ODS components.


          • 2. VSE 8.7 Network Heuristic Sensitivity settings.

            Thanks for your reply. I arrived at the same decision as you did. Mcafee AV won the 2008 annual Av-comparatives award for fewest false positives of any AV Vendor. I like that aspect about Mcafee. When evaluating the VSE 8.7 Network Heuristic Sensitivity settings, I noticed Mcafee described the next highest setting (which is medium) as for users who are more concerned about threats than false positives. So, that tells me that Mcafee believes only the "Very Low" and "Low" sensitivity settings are for those who want to minimize false positives as much as possible. I've decided to go with "low" for both On Access and On Demand settings.