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    MWG Custom Statistics




      Does any one know how, other than using error pages, I can get Webwasher 7 to expose the user defined stastistics counters?

      I'd like to be able to access them via SNMP, as that allows me to tie it into our performance monitoring software. I guess I could do something with curl to pull out the info into cacti, but really thats just a hack job.

      Any other ideas would be apreciated.





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          Most of those statistics should be available inside the MIB, starting at OID .


          You should be able to do a mib walk to see them.


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            I've walked that part of the MIB tree and can see the prebuilt stats such as stBadReputation, but if i add a user defined couter to the statistics engine, though I can see it incrementing by writing a block page that fetches the counter I cant see it in the when walking the MIB tree.

            All I've done is under Settings -> Statistics -> Default - > Add user defind counter set as incremental and then added to some of my rules to update this when they are hit.

            Am I missing something here?





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              I mis-read the original post. You wanted this for user-defined counters?


              I thought you meant the system counters that are in the MIB.

              There is no way to collect the user-defined counters via SNMP. They are only exposed via the way you desribed on a block page.


              Sorry for the confusion.

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                Ok, thanks. At least I know I'm doing it right.

                I'd be nice to be able to get it into the SNMP, as I can trend it that way. But this will do for for now.