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    Global Updating with a few Super Agents


      We are using ePO 4.6.1 and have approx. 1400 managed devices across 40 locations.  We use an hourly update task to ensure that all devices are running the latest DAT our repository and this works really well.


      We have recently installed three Super Agents on the network for three specific VLAN's to allow distribution of DATs on the relevant VLAN.


      Do I need to enable Global Updating (DATs only) to distribute the DAT from our Master Repository to the Super Agent, and, if I enable Global Updating will this affect all the other non-Super Agent devices?

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          You don't need to enable global updating for this, but you do need to make those superagents become repositories. (just an extra tick-box in the relevant agent policy).

          Those superagents will be visible as superagent repositories in the distributed repository list and you then set up replication to them as normal, and configure the agents in the Vlan to get updates from those locations.


          On the other point, if you configure global updating it can have a significant performance spike as it can make all machines 'phone home' at the same time. It's really designed to be a big red button in the case of an outbreak where you need to get an update out *now* rather than for daily use.





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            Thanks for the quick reply Rob.


            I have created a policy for each of the three VLANs to tell the Agents look for the repository of the relevant Super Agent.


            Each Super Agent is set to be a distributed repository.  I have noticed that on all three Super Agent there is nothing within the repository folder, is this normal?


            Thanks for the heads up about the Global Updated - I will leave well alone unless we have an out break!

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              That is normal until you have actually configured and executed a replication task to each those SuperAgent repositories.

              The repository data will not fill out itself.





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                Hi Rob,


                Thats were I had gone wrong; I hadn't created a replication task for the Super Agents.


                All fixed now.


                Thanks again,