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    Migration and upgrade of ePO4.0p7/VSE8.5/HIPS7.0/Win2k3/SQL2005 to ePO4.6.2/VSE8.8/HIPS8.0/Win2k8R2/SQL2008R2 with new server name and IP




      I have tried to keep this as high level as possible, so please bear with me!  I have reviewed some posts in the community forums and also looked through some KB articles, and will shortly be in a position to test the upgrade process, however I have found nothing that seems to completely match my requirements.


      We are currently running an ePO4.0p7 server on Windows2k3 with a local SQL 2005 Workgroup database.  We are planning to upgrade to a new ePO server with a new server name and IP, and also looking to upgrade VSE (8.5 to latest) and HIPS (7.0 to latest).  The new server will be running Windows 2k8 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2.


      The simplest technical upgrade path I can see would be to essentially start from scratch, and treat the new ePO server as a complete fresh install.  The (very) high level plan for this would be:


      - install new ePO server
      - install old and new extensions and packages for VSE and HIPS (to later migrate policies)
      - export current VSE and HIPS policies from old ePO server and import to new server
      - migrate older policies to newer policies (epomigrationtool for VSE, and server task for HIPS)
      - install old extension and package for mcafee agent on new ePO server
      - export current agent policies from old ePO server and import to new server
      - update agent extension on new ePO server and check in newest agent package
      - push out agent from new ePO server and then deploy updated VSE and HIPS software


      The above ignores the actual policy assignments to the system tree for now, which I imagine is going to be the part of this that requires the most work, as there is a lot of broken inheritance.


      The harder technical plan would be to install the current version of ePO and SQL Server on the new windows server, and then run with a backup and restore.  The problem here would be with the required change in name of the server - if we restore the database to a server with a different name, there will likely be problems with certificates, and the agents will still need to be repushed.  However it would make the job of working through the policy assignments that little easier.  After this restoration we could then follow through the normal upgrade path for ePO and endpoint software.  So, high level plan again:


      - install new ePO server (existing ePO 4.0 and SQL Server 2005 version running on new server)
      - backup old ePO server and restore to new server (KB51438).  Restore includes all existing old endpoint software


      Note that the new ePO server install of 4.0 would need to be installed directly on to Win2k8 (and not win2k3 followed by an OS upgrade) due to internal standard OS image requirements.


      1) this is where I get confused.  For ePO4.5/4.6, a backup/restore that involves a server name change leads to KB66616, that then

      leads to KB66620.  However, KB51438 doesnt mention any other KB in the case of a server rename - does this imply that the above two

      steps will essentially work as is (if the agents are repushed)?
      2) I can imagine an added complication comes as per KB71078, as we will be also moving from a 32-bit to 64-bit system, however that article applies to 4.5 and 4.6 - will it work for 4.0?
      3) Are there any other major concerns with the two above options that people can think of?


      Any further info or clarification required, please let me know.