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    ePO 4.0 Agents not pushing

      I am using a deployment task for my workstations group but DLP is not pushing out like it is supposed to. It is listed in the repository as Install. I have a fairly small network of a little more than 100 computers and at this moment in time 63 computers do not have it installed. These are all the packages that are not pushing out with that deployment task:


      Asset Baseline Monitor

      Benchmark Editor Multi-platform Scan Engine 5.2.0

      Data Loss Prevention

      Host Intrusion Prevention

      System Compliance Profiler

      Policy Auditor Agent 5.2.0


      I have been manually installing HIPS, DLP, and Policy Auditor but the others I can't manually install. Any ideas?

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          Sailendra Pamidi

          Please post the version details of the Agent (exact build number) and ePO. For deployment task, the Agent_<machine>.log should tell if the task was invoked and if yes, then you will need to look at McScript.log for details on what happened.

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            I ended up un-enforcing the McAfee Agent Policies and then doing an all system wake up call. After that I put the policy back into Enforce mode and did another wake up call. I was sitting at a test computer watching the Status Monitor and I just watched it started rolling. Everything is good now. I just need to fix my ABM corrupted package.