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    Firewall Settings Changed By Updates to Program


      I am running Windows 7, using the latest version of McAfee Total Protection, home user.


      When I installed this program, I set my firewall settings to stealth and only gave a few programs permission to access the internet, opting to have McAfee Firewall to ask me for permission every time the program wanted access to the internet. 


      At some point, these settings change.  I assume it is when the program updates.  My settings are changed to outgoing settings, and smart advice is changed from asking me to decide to having the program decide automatically.  Programs I blocked (because the program automatically gave them full access when I did not wish them to have that), are readded to having full access.    I have changed it back to the way I want it, only to note that at some point it is changed again.  It is not an immediate change.  I have checked several days in a row and there was no change, so I am assuming the change takes place with a program update.


      Is there something I can do to stop this?  What is the point of having a configurable firewall if the program changes your configuration without even asking?