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    EPO All system last contact query

      Hi ,


      I am trying to create a query to pull lastcontact details from EPO 4.5.


      Once I run the query it gives me the data for 4laks data list, all the data is duplicate with same System name, lastcommunication.


      My domain has only 200+ server and clients, and its prity strange to see Huge no of data.


      There are No duplicates found in EPO.


      kindly Advise,


      Thanks In advance,

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          Hemant Koli

          Hello vinaikumar1


          Can you please attached the screen shot(step by step) of the query you are trying to create???




          You can try to create the query as mentioned in attached Doc.


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            Hello Hemant,


            Thank you very much for the Suggestion,


            Suggested Document helped me to create a Query, I think my previous Query had unwanted columns placed because of this I was getting the duplicate entries.


            Now I added the exactly required columns, now I am able to get the correct data 


            Last Communication

            System NameAssignment Path (deprecated)DAT VersionEngine Version (VirusScan Enterprise)Engine (x64) Version (VirusScan Enterprise)Agent Version (deprecated)Product Version (VirusScan Enterprise)Hotfix/Patch Version (VirusScan Enterprise)Product Version (AntiSpyware)User NameIP AddressOS TypeProduct Version (GroupShield Exchange Reports)DAT Version (GroupShield Exchange Reports)Engine Version (GroupShield Exchange Reports)Agent GUID


            Thanks your very much.....