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    Is my lan secure?




      I am running an SG560 Ver. 4.0.7


      I've recently had to change up my ISP. I currently have this setup.


      A1 - Lan - DHCP Server - 192.168.99.x (Has a wireless access point connected. DHCP by SG560.)

      A2 - Unused (Had been a guest wireless connection that kept giving me grief with disconnects.)

      A3 - Unused

      A4 - Internet - ADSL PPPoE (runs about 300k)

      B - Internet - Wireless Hub


      The internet connection to the lan is working well. I'm concerned about wireless connections to the Wireless hub, which is running DHCP - 192.168.1.x


      I want to keep wireless clients from accessing the lan through the wirless hub.




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          Setup the wireless connections of port A3 which you would configure as a DMZ.....which will restrict access to all but the internet

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            Hi Ross,


            Not sure if I made myself clear. The wireless hub provides me with internet access, and can also act as a wireless access point. I was thinking that I might be able to use it as a guest wireless point.


            If I plug that into A3, I need the lan to have internet access through it.


            If I use it as a wireless access point, can I limit it's access to the lan?


            Would I be better to turn off the the wireless in it, and connect a separate acess point to A3?




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              yes you are correct.....seperate wireless AP on port A3


              I was assuming you had a seperate wireless access point to use for this...

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                With the WAP on A3, would the SG560 look after DHCP, or should the WAP have DHCP turned on?


                If some of my questions don't make a lot of sense, please excuse me. I really don't have a clue how this stuff works, and am always surprised when I actually get it functioning. Speaks volumes for the ease of setup with the SG560.




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                  you can use either dhcp server....but not both !


                  usually easier to manage in just one place....so I would do it on the SG560 if it was me.

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                    Thanks very much!!


                    If I reply back on Monday, you'll know that I've mucked it up.